Oct 20


Beyonce x Andre 3000 - Back to Black

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Oct 20

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"There’s no doubt about it: break ups suck. But in the first few hours, days, and weeks that follow, there is one important truth you need to recognize: some things can’t and shouldn’t be fixed, especially that loser who dumped you or forced you to dump him. It’s over for a reason & deep down inside, you probably know what that reason is. A lot of the pain you’re feeling is actually fear. Fear of things being different than how you like them. Fear of never finding love again. fear of being alone. Fear of having to fill your time differently. It’s ok, because we are all afraid of the unknown."

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Oct 20
Oct 20

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Oct 20

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Oct 19

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Oct 19

"How About Now" by Drake

Leaked track off of “Views From The 6”

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"Why do police have quotas? If a doctor went around intentionally sneezing on people to get more patients, that would be seen as a travesty to their profession. But police, can sit around and wait for someone to turn on a red light or commit other mundane ‘offenses’ because they have quotas to meet. Quotas are all the proof we need that policing is not a public service vocation; it’s a business and a subsidiary of Wall Street."


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While I was sleeping, this went viral.

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this answer on yahoo from a retired officer will add on some further insight to this

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A super duper awesome tune for you today!

It is Faded by ZHU! (Exclamation mark not actually present in name)

A fab tune for anything really! Need to wake up? THIS BAD BOY HAS GOT YOU COVERED! Need motivation to study for your exam that is tomorrow…(*guilty*). Well this one can make you excited for just about anything!…EVEN MY PHYSICS EXAM! WEEW! 


Oct 15


Vincent FournierMars Desert Research Station [MDRS], Mars Society, San Rafael S 64 Well, Utah, U.S.A. (2008)

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Oct 15

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me when i get a better grade than the best student in my class


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